Bourdain, A Drink, and Hope: A Group Participation Thread

I dubbed Saturday “Bourdain Day,” because I traveled to my local bookstore to grab his posthumous work, World Travel: An Irreverent Guide.

Thinking about Bourdain got me thinking about death by suicide, despair, and all the rest. As you may know, I had a friend pass recently from despair. I’d like you to hear about it, but also, I’d like to you to consider a few resources. I talk about them on this week’s episode of “A Drink With a Friend.”

Watch Ultrashort: Bourdain Day (yes, it’s really short) and listen to “A Drink” (both linked below), then tell me: How are you pushing against despair these days?

1. Ultrashort: Bourdain Day

2. A Drink With a Friend: Hope > Isolation (click link)