A Question for Readers

As most of you know, I wrote The Book of Waking Up as a call to wake from the things we use (booze, shopping, sex, food, whatever) to numb the pains of life. It seems to me we are in a new season of pain, and I’ve been considering writing a Pandemic Supplement to The Book of Waking Up. I do not want to make cost a barrier to reading along, but there are realities to pulling together this kind of content. So, here are the questions:

1) Would you be interested in reading a Pandemic Supplement to the Book of Waking Up? (First written as a series of newsletters, then compiled as a downloadable document.)

2) If so, would you consider chipping in $5.00-$7.00 a month to bring this work to life?

Be honest. Your responses will inform this work.